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The Best Themes for Transparency: AMP-friendly WordPress Design

There is nothing more frustrating than opening the website you painstakingly constructed on a mobile device and finding that everything is out of order. Your logo is off-centered; your wording is rearranged; you can’t see the photos you have uploaded. All of these things are common issues when you build a website without an AMP-friendly design.

Luckily, WordPress offers its users a variety of themes that are AMP-friendly, including:

  • Publisher — for online newspapers, blogs, and magazines
  • Pinna — for artist portfolios and video blogs
  • Onfleek — for trendy magazine designs
  • Medicals — for health and personal care
  • Kalium — for a range of professionals
  • X — for responsive and creative design

By ensuring that your website is built with any of these WordPress themes, your website will be transparent for all devices and work just as well as it does on a PC. Choosing any of the top AMP-friendly WordPress themes will guarantee work-ability, so your site can be used at the convenience of your fingertips in any location.

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