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Small Business Website

So there you are! You need a new small business website, or you need to redesign your existing small business website.

  • But where do you start?
  • Who do you hire?
  • Can you trust that they’ll do a good job?
  • And how can you be sure your investment will pay off?

Here are some things to consider when hiring someone to create a small business website for you. A small business website can encounter a lot of issues specially when hiring unqualified web design freelancers or web design companies that are only it to make a quick buck. The small business website have evolved over the past 10 years. It’s not just enough to make a website look “pretty” anymore. It has to convert your visitors into subscribers, customers, etc.
Your small business website has to take into account things like:

  • Poor SEO – A well designed website will include appropriate keywords that make it easier for your target audience to find you. You can’t just build a site and expect people to come. You have to make sure Google points them to your site when they’re looking for what you sell.
  • Metrics – The old management adage, “You can’t manage, what you can’t measure” applies wholeheartedly here. If you don’t know what your visitors are doing on your site, it’s impossible to improve it so you get the results you need. Having a way to measure visitor behavior on your site is critical to adapting your website to your business.
  • Social Media links – Are you using Social Media yet? If so, your website should be linking to your profiles there. And your Social Media posts should be linking back to your website. This improves your search engine rankings as well as increases the interactivity with your customers.
  • Calls to Action – And finally one of the most important items in the Web Design repertoire. This is where you direct your customers to the action you want them to take. This could be signup for an email list, purchasing a product, sending you an email, or giving you a call. Whatever it is, it needs to be immediately apparent to your customer and it needs to be in line with what you need your target audience to do.

Remember that great small business websites not only look good, but they are aligned to your business objectives.

Check out the infographic below for a great cheat-sheet on avoiding the biggest mistakes encountered by small business websites.


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Frank Barragan

Frank Barragan

Frank Barragan is a Web Developer & Entrepreneur from the San Fernando Valley. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science from Cal State L.A and has worked in the technology field for over 14 years. He’s had different roles including Tech Support, Web Developer, IT Manager and now Founder of his own Web Design Company.

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