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What’s The Difference Between a Logo and a Brand?

What makes a logo instantly recognizable? Apple. An iconic logo that is known throughout the world. But why an apple? Why not a banana? Or a pear? A strawberry? Strawberry
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The Best Themes for Transparency: AMP-friendly WordPress Design

There is nothing more frustrating than opening the website you painstakingly constructed on a mobile device and finding that everything is out of order. Your logo is off-centered; your wording
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6 Things You Should Know About Responsive Websites

What is a Responsive Website? I don’t want to assume that everyone out there knows what responsive websites are, or why they are important. I’m sure a few of my
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Website Colors Can Make or Break Your Site (New)

Do you ever think how the colors you choose could be affecting your website? If it’s the first time you’re building a site, you’ve probably thought about it very little.
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