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How the magic happens

The Brief

This part of the process aims to discover why you need a new website (or redesign) and what it is that you’re trying to achieve. Some of the questions may be a little uncomfortable and you may not have fully thought out before. However, it is important that we dive in deep so that we get the best results.

The Sitemap

Once we have all the information, we’ll build a visual sitemap that allows us to get everyone on the same page quickly. This gives us a clear idea of what we’re trying to communicate, and the best way to structure the information.

The Prototype

Next we’ll develop an interactive prototype to show you how our solution will work. We’ll pay no attention to design at this point. This will be the “foundation” upon where we’ll build the “house”. It’s not pretty, but it will help us progress through the design process faster.

The Design

We’ll then proceed to the fun part, which involves pulling out the color palettes, stock images, and fonts to create an interactive prototype that closely matches your brand identity.

The Delivery

Finally, we’ll spend a couple of weeks putting together all the bits and pieces and make sure everything is tested and fully working before making your brand spanking new site, go live.