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5 Tips to Make A Good Website Even Better

So you’ve spent a good deal of time on creating your website. And you think it’s a good website. But how do you make it even better, without breaking the bank? And how do you do it without making tons of changes? Well, maybe this post can help.

Here are 5 tips to make a good website even better!

1) Add a Value Proposition

First off, it’s crucial that you let your visitor know right away, what types of problems you can solve for them.  If they’re looking for same day carpet cleaning for example, and you offer that, you should state that right away.  This is what is meant by a value proposition.

What value does your company offer to your potential customer.  If they’re able to find that right way in your website, they’re more likely to engage with it, and end up emailing or calling you.

It’s important that visitors identify your value proposition right away. This way, they can make a decision quickly about contacting you.

2)  Add a Call to Action

Another item that is lacking in a lot of websites is a call to action. You’ll see lots of information about the company’s services or specials, but give little to no hint on how to proceed to get those services or specials.

A call to action is a simple as an instruction and a link, or button, that they can click to proceed. If you’re providing an offer, make sure to have a button they can click to redeem that offer. This button can lead to a contact form, for them to email you, or a phone number they can call to do so.

A perfect example for calls to action are the buttons you click on, in eCommerce stores.  Without a button to “add to cart” you would be clueless as to how to proceed. Now, that seems pretty intuitive, but a lot of people miss this on non-eCommerce websites.

So make sure you have a call to action in every page of your site that directs your potential customer on what to do next, or how to interact with you.

The call to action text should be thought of as a verb (an action word).  For example, “click here to get a 30% discount”, or “sign up to get the best deals”.  Simply stating “more information” is not nearly as effective.


3)  Add Testimonial

Another feature that can make a good website even better is a testimonial section. Besides the hundreds of articles out there on the importance of having reviews, testimonials, etc., in my own testing, I’ve seen website visitors go directly to that section in my heat maps.

Because people want social proof, social media has become a go-to place for recommendations and reviews. Trust is one of the most difficult things for a business to obtain, but once you have it, it becomes 10 times easier to close potential customers.

Therefore, don’t be shy about asking your existing customers for testimonials to add to your website. Most of them should have something great to say about your product or service. Get into the habit of asking for one before you close a project, or after you’ve shipped your product. And add it to your site right away. This should be relatively simple in most platforms (WordPress, Squarespace, Wix, etc.). This will go a long way in adding credibility and trust to your site.

*Gratuitous Testimonials Examples below!

Frank's professionalism and technical ability to assist us on our website was invaluable. He took the time to communicate, advise, and answer questions we had about our website and we will call him again for our future website needs in the hopes that he will not be too busy to help us!
Fast response and good work!

4)  Use White Space

Another item you can easily add to your site is white space. This is the blank area around your content. Adding white space around our titles can increase user attention as much as 20% according to Crazy Egg, one of the premier websites that studies user behavior.

Consequently, by de-cluttering your website and adding more white space, visitors are able to digest your information more easily. You don’t have to redesign everything. Assuming you already have a good website, you can simply take certain elements of your site and space them out more.

Some of the best websites, like Apple‘s make great use of this concept. Other websites you can check out for ideas and inspiration include:

  • Mint – One of the most popular free money management websites out there
  • Google – This one is no stranger to anyone
  • Firefox – One of the fastest web browsers available

These are just a couple of examples, but as you peruse the web, you’ll see more examples of this.

5)  Use High Quality Images

Lastly, when it comes to building a good website, don’t be cheap! Don’t just pull off whatever images you can find on the internet. As with everything, you get what you pay for. That doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot on this, but you should definitely be ready to pony up a few bucks.

There are certainly free sites with really good quality images out there you can use royalty free, but the best images, the ones that will sell your service or product best, you will be more likely to find on paid stock photo websites.

To help you with this, I’ve listed some of my favorite free and paid stock photo websites.

From Good Website To Even Better Website

In conclusion, there are multiple ways to improve your existing website. And the more user data we gather, the better ways we’ll find. The items outlined above are some of the easiest and least painful to implement. Whether you do it yourself, have your assistant do it, or your web developer; it’s something that can be accomplished in a matter of days.

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